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Airbnb Host Checklist: Everything By Room (+Free Spreadsheet)

Key takeaways

Airbnb Host Checklist: Everything By Room (+Free Spreadsheet)

A complete Airbnb host checklist contains all the furniture, consumable items, and decor you need to get your Airbnb running, impress your guests, and generate a steady stream of 5-star reviews.

Make a copy (File -> Make a Copy) of the complete Airbnb Host Checklist by Awning. We are constantly adding more items to the list to make it more useful for our hosts.

Awning is a full-service Airbnb Management, Design and Furnishing company. We operate 100’s of Airbnb’s nationwide and have helped hosts set up their homes and collect 5-star reviews. The recommendations in this article are based on the insight drawn from 5+ years of Airbnb hosting experience. 

How we Selected Items for the Airbnb Host Checklist

We interviewed hosts around the country and looked at our own Airbnb management portfolio to build the Airbnb Host Checklist. The items we selected and linked are high quality, durable, affordable, loved by guests, and are low maintenance.

  • Hosting expertise: We relied on our experience hosting Airbnb’s and interviewed successful hosts around the country to get their best recommendations.
  • Quality: The quality of any item in your Airbnb is an integral part of your Airbnb operations. Items that break and don’t work, lead to high expenses and bad guest experiences.
  • Durability: Item durability is important. Guests use everything in your Airbnb without significant regard for the longevity of the item.
  • Affordability: While you can and sometimes should spend more for luxury items at your Airbnb, we firmly believe that something that is affordable and does the job is sufficient. 
  • Guest experience: Guests can have allergies and usually have preferences for what they want available at their Airbnb. Guest experience is the key to getting good reviews, so the items on this list are tailored toward making guests happy. 
  • Maintenance: Maintaining, fixing, and using the items is the final key. While there are plenty of nifty gadgets available, if they are difficult to fix, service, or use they simply won’t work for an Airbnb.

Bathroom Airbnb Host Checklist

The bathroom is the room that has the highest risk of resulting in negative reviews. Failing to provide guests with the essentials will leave guests unhappy and unsatisfied. This includes accessories, toiletries, towels, amenities and instructional signs.

Airbnb bathroom accessories include:

Simple styles to match any decor and Airbnb location. You’ll want to have a backup available on request or for a quick replacement.

Airbnb bathroom toiletries include:

All of the options are scent free, hypo allergenic, and sold in bulk. Keep an eye on your inventory to ensure that you reorder supplies as they runout.

Towels in an Airbnb should include:

Selected for affordability, ability to clean and durability. Having a rotation of towels is recommended to reduce the pressure to wash and dry everything between guests.

Airbnb bathroom amenities include:

These aren’t absolutely required, but given their affordability, bathroom amenities are a great way to make your Airbnb stand out.

Instructional signs that work best in an Airbnb include:

While guests usually do their best to treat your Airbnb like their home, sometimes they need a gentle reminder. A sign can go a long way in helping your guests treat your towels and your plumbing with care.

Kitchen Airbnb Host Checklist

The kitchen is the place where Airbnb guests will spend a significant portion of their time. Many guests book Airbnb’s specifically because they can access a kitchen and cook their own meals. While you likely aren’t hosting many professional chefs, having a set of appliances, tableware, utensils, cookware, and other essentials like spices are a must

Appliances in Airbnb kitchens include:

If you already have appliances built into the walls of your kitchen, there is no need to get duplicates. However, you’ll need to make sure that everything works and that your guests have access to the tools for daily needs like coffee and microwave pizza. 

Furniture in Airbnb kitchens includes:

Furniture should match the overall decor of the room. In most cases, you’ll be well-served by adding a small table with two chairs, if your kitchen can accommodate it. 

Airbnb tableware includes.

Tableware will need to be replaced occasionally. Selecting items that are durable and free of unnecessary designs and textures will reduce the breakage. Ensure you have enough of each tableware to accommodate your maximum number of guests, with a few extras.

Airbnb cookware and bakeware includes:

You may be tempted to save money on cookware, but Airbnb guests don’t like to see cookware that is stained, scratched, or obviously used by other people. By spending a little more on a good set your cookware will last longer and you’ll earn better reviews.

Stock your Airbnb pantry and fridge with:

These are the essentials for your Airbnb. There is no need to keep bulk amounts of everything on hand for refills. Instead, simply order 2 sets of everything to ensure that you have enough. The delivery on these items is quick, if you need something in a pinch.

Essential items for the kitchen include:

You’ll notice that many of the recommendations on this list are brand names. Refrain from trying to save money here. Airbnb guests don’t use a huge amount of paper towels or trash bags. In fact, when they use these items and they work well, you’ll find that your Airbnb is cleaner and better taken care of. 

Bedroom Airbnb Host Checklist

Bedrooms are relatively simple, but guests expect to sleep comfortably through the night. This means you should pay special attention to your bedding selection. Avoid anything that will be difficult to clean or will require regular upkeep. Quick tip here, rotate your mattress every month or so to ensure even use. 

Bedrooms in an Airbnb need the following furniture:

Your furniture selection will depend on the size of the room, but these essentials are a must in every bedroom. We selected options that were quick to deliver, easy to assemble, durable and offered guests additional outlets (can you ever have enough of those?).

Beds in an Airbnb should have:

Bedding is key, because Airbnb guests want a good night’s sleep. You’ve likely experienced good sleep in a great hotel, so many of these items are inspired or even directly used by major hotels around the country. 

Closets in Airbnbs should have:

Closets are relatively simple to complete, just add hangers and a mirror, everything else can be stored in drawers.

Decor in Airbnb bedrooms includes:

An alarm clock and blanket are a must in an Airbnb, unless you do wake-up calls and give amazing hugs. It’s a small expense and guests appreciate the extra touch. 

Living Room Airbnb Host Checklist

The living room is a versatile space used simply to hang out. Whether you have one guest or many, you’ll need to create a space that is comfortable and offers them the necessary seating options to enjoy their stay.

Airbnb living furniture includes:

Entertainment & Games Airbnb Host Checklist

Unless your guests are only sleeping in the Airbnb, they’ll need to be entertained. You as the host have the option to go as simple or as extravagant as you want here. Keep in mind, that guests that are busy having fun are making fewer messes and spending less time rearranging the furniture. 

Essential entertainment tech for an Airbnb includes:

We recommend the Smart TV over the separate attachments because it’s easier to use and troubleshoot. A bluetooth speaker is also recommended, since no one really travels with their CD collection. 

Some lawn games to consider for your Airbnb include:

If you have a lawn, use it. Give your guests the option to play games outside and enjoy the good weather. Yes, you’ll have to replace some of this from time to time. But time spent outside, is time not spent making your Airbnb a mess.

Some pool items to consider for your Airbnb include:

If you have a pool, you’ll want to offer some pool toys. We purposely went with things that are large and float. If you give your guests something to play with in the pool, they are less likely to repurpose other things around the house for pool games. 

Some oversized games to include in an Airbnb are:

Oversized games are a great way to entertain and fill up an empty room or oversized living room. They also show especially well on photos, since guests can really imagine themselves playing them when booking your listing. 

The best table games and light entertainment includes:

Simple table games are fun for everyone to play and can make a rainy day at your Airbnb a feature and not a problem. You’ll need to occasionally replace the pieces for the games or the whole game, but this is a very affordable entertainment option. 

Amenities Airbnb Host Checklist

Amenities help you secure bookings, allow you to charge higher daily rates, and give you the opportunity to host guests that have specific requirements, like people with kids and pets. These are the amenities that are most requested and most looked for by guests around the country. 

The best amenities to feature in your Airbnb include:

Security and Home Automation Airbnb Host Checklist

Security is an important piece of your Airbnb because it ensures that you can help your guests feel safe and know that your property is being used responsibly. Additionally, you’ll find that home automation helps with keeping costs lost and otherwise catering to guest needs. 

Connectivity essentials for Airbnb hosts includes:

Your guests are dependent on having a good wi-fi connection. Investing in a good router can save you a significant headache. You can also get extenders, if your home is large or parts of it have coverage issues. 

Security essentials for Airbnb hosts includes:

The type of lock is really up to you, however, smart locks are the ideal solution for Airbnb hosts since keys don’t need to exchange hands. You’ll want external security cameras as well and a security system, especially if you are located in a remote area or your Airbnb sits vacant for extended periods of time.

Utility management tech for Airbnb hosts includes:

A smart thermostat can help reduce your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. We don’t recommend limiting access to the thermostat for your guests (some people just run a little hot), but we do recommend monitoring the temperature and saving money where you can when the property is not booked. 

Cleaning Supplies Airbnb Host Checklist

No matter how awesome your Airbnb is, if it isn’t clean in time for guests it’s not going to work. Having the right tools for the job on hand makes everything easier. Besides some gadgets like a vacuum most of the items on this list are relatively simple and reliable for regular Airbnb cleaning.

Airbnb appliances must have the following appliances for cleaning:

This is an essential appliance. You’ll be doing a significant amount of laundry between guests and you’ll want machines that are very reliable and can handle multiple towels, bedding and more. 

The best tools for cleaning an Airbnb are:

These are your basic tools for cleaning. You’ll want to spend a little extra here to ensure durability. We’ve found that offering guests cleaning tools leaves the Airbnb cleaner without any special requests necessary. 

The essential cleaning supplies for Airbnb hosts include:

These supplies will be in frequent demand. The best case is to stock them for guests and leave it alone, that way you don’t have to worry. That’s only possible if you hire professional cleaners to tidy up after every stay and they bring their own supplies. Otherwise you’ll want to have enough stocked for a few weeks of regular cleaning. 

Setting Up and Managing Your Airbnb

Once you have a property for an Airbnb, you’ll need to get started hosting it. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Understand the local rules and regulations: Local rules are constantly changing and just because there are Airbnb’s near you, doesn’t mean you can just list it. To avoid fines and a potential shut down make sure you have all the necessary permissions to start hosting.
  2. Furnish and prepare the Airbnb for guests: You’ll need all the furniture, amenities, supplies in addition to a guest book, house rules and any final touches you want for the listing. Consider who will be staying at your Airbnb carefully for this step.
  3. Determine the pricing of your listing: Pricing your listing is key. Too high and it will sit vacant. Too low and you will be booked, but potentially losing money in the process. Look around at similar properties near you for an idea on pricing. 
  4. List your home on Airbnb: We don’t recommend listing your home on too many different platforms, instead stick to the big ones VRBO and Airbnb.
  5. Hire help or do the work yourself: Have a cleaning checklist and a process for cleaning. If you need a cleaning company don’t wait until you’re booked to use them. Have them come in for a trial. It’s not the most efficient use of your money, but it is the best way to ensure a good guest experience. 


Getting an Airbnb checklist and using it to furnish and stock your home with the right supplies is a great first step to earning 5-star reviews and keeping your Airbnb booked with guests. Make sure that each room is stocked and pay close attention to the requirements and requests of your guests, over time you will improve your Airbnb and make it even better.

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