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Estimate Airbnb revenue for any address

Awning’s Airbnb Calculator estimates the annual revenue for any address as a short-term rental.

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Market: Dallas-Fort Worth
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Note, if an address wasn't found, it's likely because we only support active listings on the market in our service area or that we haven't yet analyzed data for that home.

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Wondering how much you could earn by listing your home as an Airbnb? Analyzing a potential short-term rental investment property? Awning’s free Airbnb rental income calculator can help with any address in the United States.

How to use the Airbnb Estimator

The Airbnb Estimator works for any address, whether it’s currently listed for sale or not. You can bookmark this page to quickly get to it or install the Airbnb Estimator Chrome Extension. That way you can use the Airbnb investment calculator by Awning whenever you’re browsing for vacation rental investments.

Enter any U.S. Address

Enter the address, submit the # of bedrooms, # of guests, and whether the property has a pool or a hot tub. This information helps provide the best possible Airbnb income estimate using a machine learning algorithm trained on historical data from all US Airbnb’s.

Browse Nearby Active Airbnb Listings

Take a look at the map or the results below the estimate to see nearby active Airbnb’s. You can see the details of the property, the earnings, and even click into the Airbnb listing result to see how it looks. This can help you further calculate how your Airbnb or vacation rental can do compared to competing properties.

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Questions you can answer

Awning’s Airbnb Estimator provides you with the annual revenue, average daily rate, and the expected occupancy of the property. You can also answer:

How much can I Airbnb my house for?
What are my estimated earnings from converting my rental into an Airbnb?
How much money can I make on Airbnb as a host?
What return on investment (ROI) can I earn on a property?
How much income can my vacation rental earn during the off-season?
Is an Airbnb investment profitable?
What is the projected Airbnb occupancy rate of my property?
How much can I charge every day for my short-term rental (STR)?
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Get a professional Airbnb estimate

Contact Awning property management with any address you’re interested in turning into an Airbnb. There is no obligation and this professional Airbnb calculation is complementary to help you make the best investment decision. This service is completely free.
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Work with an Awning agent to buy the best Airbnb or long term rental. Our agents are experts at real estate investing and are equipped with our world-class technology to find you the best deals.

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How often is the data updated?

The data in the Airbnb calculator is updated monthly. It also excludes properties that just start on Airbnb since early results are not a consistent predictor of long-term revenue for an Airbnb.

Is the data from Airbnb or all vacation rental websites?

The data for the Airbnb estimator is exclusively for Airbnb. If the comparable property you are evaluating does a significant amount of business via VRBO or another platform, it may under-represent the average daily rate and seasonal occupancy.

Is the revenue calculator gross or net revenue?

The revenue calculated by the Airbnb estimator represents gross revenue. It does not include taxes, cleaning, and other recurring and one-time hosting expenses.

What is a good airbnb occupancy rate?

A good Airbnb occupancy rate is 75% or higher. The occupancy rate also depends on the location and the season. That’s why you can select multiple comparable airbnbs and view the seasonal occupancy and seasonal daily rates they charge.

What does ADR stand for and how is it calculated?

ADR stands for average daily rate and it takes the gross revenue of a property for the entire year and divides it by the number of days that a property is available to guests. The average daily rate does not take into accounts days when the property is not available on the platform.

Is owning an Airbnb profitable?

Owning an Airbnb can be very profitable but like any investment it takes some research to get a good one. A profitable Airbnb needs to be in a desirable location with a solid daily rate. It also needs to offer great furnishing and amenities to have a high occupancy. Finally, hosts or property managers must work hard to ensure that guests leave plenty of positive reviews.

Is converting a rental into a short-term rental worth it?

The Airbnb estimator can help you make the decision of how to best rent an investment property. With an Airbnb you’ll almost always have a higher potential income. With a traditional investment the income will be lower but more predictable and more stable. The upfront costs for an Airbnb are also a bit higher due to furnishing requirements, but you also get to use it as a personal vacation home.

How much can I make on Airbnb?

You can earn a substantial amount of money by renting a property on Airbnb. The Airbnb estimator can help you get a good understanding of the range for you earning by allowing you to compare any potential Airbnb address to existing Airbnbs nearby.

What should I include in my expenses?

If you’ve already determined the gross revenue of a potential Airbnb, consider cleaning costs, furnishing upkeep, regular maintenance and repairs, occasional replacement of furniture and appliances and other restocking costs. If you prefer not to be responsible for managing all of these, consider subtracting 15% for full-service property management.

How do I select the best comparable airbnb properties?

The best properties to compare a potential Airbnb investment to are ones that a guest would likely consider if looking at your property. Comparables should be in the same price range, have similar furnishings, offer the same amenities, and otherwise be in the same area an in proximity to the same destinations.