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6 Best Bath Mats for Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals

Key takeaways

6 Best Bath Mats for Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals

As a host, it's essential to provide your guests with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. While many hosts prioritize bed linens and decor, they often overlook the importance of bath mats. But a bath mat not only helps to prevent slips and falls on wet bathroom floors, it also adds a layer of comfort to your guests' bathing routine. It can also protect your floors from water damage and stains, making it a practical investment in the long run.

The best Airbnb bath mats include:

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How We Selected the Best Airbnb Bath Mats

To determine the best bath mats for Airbnb and vacation rentals, we conducted extensive research based on key factors such as host recommendations, online reviews, price, durability, slip resistance, and absorbency.

We evaluated these Airbnb bath mats based on:

  • Host Recommendations: We reached out to several vacation rental hosts to understand their preferences and requirements when it comes to bath mats.
  • Online Reviews: We researched bath mats that have been reviewed and recommended by other customers, hosts, and guests.
  • Price: We looked for mats that offered the best value for money based on their quality and features.
  • Durability: We evaluated the durability of each bath mat based on the materials used, construction quality, and expected lifespan.
  • Slip Resistance: We considered the slip resistance of each bath mat, as safety is a top priority for hosts.
  • Absorbency: We evaluated the absorbency of each bath mat, as guests expect a mat that can quickly absorb moisture and prevent water from pooling on the bathroom floor.

According to our criteria the best bath mats for Airbnb hosts is the Gorilla Grip Bath Rug. This highly-rated bath mat is made from soft and absorbent chenille microfiber, with a non-slip backing to prevent slips and falls. It comes in a range of sizes and colors, making it a versatile choice for any bathroom.

The best Airbnb bath mats are:

1. Gorilla Grip Bath Rug: Best Overall Bath Mat

This rug comes in a range of colors and sizes (Source: Amazon)

The Gorilla Grip Bath Rug stood out as our top choice because of its outstanding combination of comfort, durability, and safety features. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, which you can check out on Amazon or on the Gorilla Grip website. The smallest size (24”x17”) retails for $9.89.

One of the key advantages of the Gorilla Grip bath mat is its durability. Made from premium materials, this mat withstands heavy foot traffic and frequent washing, making it a long-lasting investment for Airbnb hosts. Additionally, the mat is machine washable and dryable, making it easy to maintain and keep clean between bookings.

The mat is made from high-quality chenille microfiber that is soft, absorbent, and gentle on the feet. It also features a non-slip backing that keeps the mat securely in place, even on wet bathroom floors. This makes it an ideal choice for Airbnb and vacation rental hosts who want to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests.

Despite its many benefits, the Gorilla Grip bath mat isn’t the plushest out there. However, given its exceptional quality and durability, we believe it is a worthwhile investment for hosts who want to provide their guests with the best possible bathroom experience.

2. MAYSHINE 2-Pack Large Bathroom Rug Set: Best Budget-Friendly Bath Mat

This affordable mat comes in a pair (Source: Amazon)

For Airbnb and vacation rental hosts who want to provide their guests with a high-quality bathroom experience without breaking the bank, the MAYSHINE 2-Pack Large Bathroom Rug Set is our top budget-friendly choice. The smallest size (16”x24”) is available as a pair on Amazon for $29.99–around $15 for each mat.

These rugs are made from soft and absorbent microfiber, which feels great on the feet and can quickly absorb moisture from wet floors. The rugs can come in the same size, or two different sizes: one larger mat for the shower or bathtub area and one smaller mat for the sink or toilet area. This set is a great value for hosts looking to outfit their bathrooms with multiple rugs.

But the key advantage of the MAYSHINE bathroom rug set is its affordability. It is significantly less expensive than some of the other options on the market, making it an ideal choice for hosts who are on a tight budget. Despite its lower price point, the rug set still offers high-quality construction and excellent performance.

While the MAYSHINE bathroom rug set offers excellent value for its price, it may not be as durable as some of the higher-end options on the market. However, for hosts who are looking for a budget-friendly option that still provides excellent functionality, this rug set is an excellent choice.

3. Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats: Best Durable Bath Mat

These cotton bath mats will last forever (Source: Amazon)

If you prioritize durability above everything else, we recommend the Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats. These mats are made from 100% ring-spun cotton, which is known for its strength and durability. The mats feature a banded design that adds an extra layer of reinforcement to the edges, making them even more resistant to wear and tear.

Though you may not need to replace these often, you’ll be glad to know that they’re affordable: a pack of 2 is $19.99 on Amazon, but you can also get a 32-pack if you have multiple properties. Check the Utopia website for more of their products.

We love the Utopia Towels bath mats for their durability. These are designed to withstand wear and tear and constant cleaning–perfect for an Airbnb. Additionally, these mats are easy to maintain as they’re machine washable and dryable.

Though we love how reliable these mats are, they’re far from the softest and most luxurious in the market. However, if you’re more on the practical side, then these are a great buy.

4. Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat: Best Foam Bath Mat

For the ultimate in coziness, try a foam mat (Source: Amazon)

The Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat is our top choice for comfort and cushioning. These mats are made with a plush memory foam core that conforms to the shape of your feet, providing a comfortable and supportive surface to stand on. The mats are also covered with a soft microfiber material that feels luxurious and cozy underfoot. This is available on Amazon or on their website in a variety of sizes, starting at $17.68 for 17”x24”.

The best part about this mat is definitely the material it’s made of. The memory foam core provides a cushioned surface that helps to relieve pressure on your feet and joints, making it a great choice for guests who may spend long periods of time in the bathroom. The microfiber cover is soft and inviting, adding an extra layer of comfort to the bathroom.

While the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat offers exceptional comfort and safety (with its anti-slip backing), it may not be the most durable. The memory foam core can compress and lose its shape over time, and the microfiber cover may not hold up well to frequent washing and use.

5. LuxUrux Bath Mat: Best Luxury Bath Mat

We love this luxe chenille option (Source: Amazon)

If you want a truly luxe experience for your guests (without spending an arm and a leg), get the LuxUrux Bath Mat. This luxurious bath mat retails for only $8.88 on Amazon (15”x23”), though larger sizes get pricier. 

Don’t let the price fool you: they make these mats with high-quality materials and are comfortable and stylish in any bathroom setting. We especially love its plush, shaggy texture. The mat is made with ultra-soft, high-pile chenille fibers that feel incredibly luxe. These fibers are also highly absorbent, helping to soak up moisture on wet bathroom floors.

However, though the manufacturer says these are machine-washable, they wear down quickly in the wash. If you want to preserve its integrity, hand washing is recommended. Thus, these aren’t the best option for low maintenance Airbnb hosts.

6. Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Mat: Best Quick-Dry Bath Mat

This will keep your floors dry, no matter what (Source: Amazon)

A bath mat should dry quickly, and for that, the Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Mat is our top pick. This mat is designed with unique features that help it dry quickly, making it a great choice for high-traffic bathrooms that require frequent cleaning. Get it now starting at $11.99 on Amazon, or visit the Yimobra website.

Its standout feature is its unique chenille microfiber construction. The fibers are highly absorbent and wick away moisture quickly, helping to prevent mold and mildew growth. This mat also features an anti-slip backing, great to keep your guests safe in a wet bathroom.

Another benefit of the Yimobra Bath Mat is its machine-washable design. The mat can be easily cleaned in a standard washing machine, making it a convenient and practical choice for busy Airbnb hosts. And because it dries quickly, it can be back in use in no time, ensuring that guests always have a clean and dry bathroom mat.

Keep in mind that while the Yimobra Bath Mat is a great choice for quick-drying and mold-resistant features, it may not offer the same level of plush comfort as some of our other top picks. However, for hosts that need a functional, instead of luxurious, bath mat, then this is a top contender.

Key Takeaway

Providing a bath mat is a crucial aspect of creating a safe and comfortable bathroom experience for guests in vacation rentals. We recommend the Gorilla Grip Bath Rug as the best overall choice for hosts. This bath mat not only meets all the essential criteria, but is also available in a range of sizes and colors to fit any bathroom decor. Investing in a high-quality bath mat like the Gorilla Grip will undoubtedly enhance your guests' stay and leave a great impression.

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