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Awning’s software and in-house brokerage enable you to find and evaluate rentals with speed.

Why work with Awning?

  • Data-driven technology to identify the best deals
  • Experience, helped customers buy $30M+ in real estate over the last year
  • Tailored, we support you with your individual goals
  • Agents who are experts in real estate investing
  • Full service with introductions to top property managers with management & furnishing expertise
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How Buying a Rental Property Works

Meet your Licensed Agent

Schedule a call with your Awning agent. They’ll work with you from goals to setup for any rental you purchase and can help educate you on rental property ownership.
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Search and find properties

Browse curated properties through the Awning feed, handpicked properties your agent sends to you, or search the market for rentals on our site. Every listing on Awning comes with a picture of its investment returns.

Message your Agent

Send a message to your agent if you’re interested in a property or have any questions. Your agent will help you review the math to ensure it’s a good fit and help you offer on the property competitively.


Awning works with the top property managers across the country and can help you shop for the best service.
No additional fees

Awning provides much more than a traditional brokerage for a vacation rental investor and does so at no additional cost. Awning makes its money the way a standard buy-side real estate brokerage does, by earning commission on the sale of the property.

Invest with confidence

Schedule a call to learn more about Awning’s rental buying service or browse our top picks on the Rental Property Feed.

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Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There is no required long-term contract and you can choose to work with Awning short-term rental property management on a month-to-month basis. We do offer a discount for investors that choose to sign a 1-year contract but there is no obligation and you can switch at any time.

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