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Best Airbnb Games

Key takeaways

Best Airbnb Games

Airbnb hosts provide games for their guests to enhance their vacation experience and provide additional entertainment during their stay. A good game can provide hours of enjoyment and create lasting memories, while a bad game can go unused and gather dust. Here are our picks for the best games to keep at your Airbnb.

The best Airbnb games include:

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How We Selected the Best Airbnb Games

To choose the best games for Airbnbs, we decided on 6 factors. Each of the games featured here come highly recommended by hosts and online reviews, are suitable for most budgets, can accommodate groups, require little players of all abilities can enjoy to no set-up.

  • Host Recommendations: Airbnb hosts often have firsthand experience with the games they provide, and their recommendations are a valuable resource.
  • Online Reviews: Reading online reviews from other customers provided useful information about the quality and enjoyment of a particular game.
  • Price: We considered the cost of the game and whether it fits within many budgets.
  • Player Size: Whether it’s a game for 2 or more, there’s something for every host on this list.
  • Space Requirements: Some games require a large playing area, so we considered the space and resources needed.
  • Accessibility: Many of the games are suitable for players of all abilities with no special accommodations necessary.

1. Card Games: Best Overall

Keep a deck in your property to provide hours of entertainment (Source: Amazon)

Playing cards are a classic. With over hundreds of games to play, your guests won’t be bored.

Playing cards come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. However, we suggest picking up a nice-looking deck like this Nebula deck on Amazon for $7.74.

A deck is cheap, accessible, and versatile–definitely a must for any Airbnb stocking games. Some card games may be difficult for younger children to understand.

A deck of cards has infinite possibilities with over a hundred different card games. It can also accommodate solo players and large groups. If you need a versatile game for your Airbnb, a deck of playing cards is your best option.

2. Chess: Best Budget Game

Get a chess set for your Airbnb (Source: Amazon)

Chess is another classic; you can easily purchase a chess set for your Airbnb. Like playing cards, there are thousands of chess sets available. This quirky, Harry Potter-themed chess set is a favorite. Get it for $39.50 on Amazon.

Chess sets are cheap and can amuse anyone, from complete beginners to professionals.

Chess can only handle up to two players maximum. If you run a larger Airbnb, it may be wise to stock up on other games.

Because chess sets come in many original designs, you can use the set as a complementary design piece in your Airbnb. Place a beautiful set on your coffee table for a functional decor piece that your guests will enjoy.

3. Scrabble: Best for Families

This is a family-friendly classic that everyone will enjoy (Source: Amazon)

Scrabble is another reliable classic that’s great to keep in a vacation rental. This basic set costs $24.95 on Amazon.

People of all ages can enjoy this game, making it a family-friendly bonding experience.

It can only accommodate 4 people maximum, so this may not be great for large Airbnbs.

This popular word game is a hit with families and can provide hours of entertainment for your guests.

4. Monopoly: Best Classic Game

It’s always worth it to have Monopoly on hand (Source: Amazon)

Monopoly has been a favorite since 1935, and for good reason. Get the classic edition for $27.50 on Amazon.

This game is extremely fun (and competitive), and will provide hours and hours of entertainment.

Monopoly is built for a larger group (think 6-8 people). If your Airbnb is for couples, then this isn’t the game to buy.

There are many themed boards to choose from. Get the classic game, or pick one that’ll suit your Airbnb!

5. Pictionary: Best Team-Building Game

We like this high-tech version available online (Source: Amazon)

Pictionary has been around since 1985. It’s a classic party game that’s great for all ages.

There are a ton of Pictionary sets available, but we especially like the Pictionary Air. Instead of paper, this uses an app and a special pen; see drawings on your smart device, which you can record, too. Get it for $21.99 on Amazon.

It’s easy to learn, easy to set up, and can be enjoyed by all. 

Pictionary is for larger groups. Again, if you’re handling a smaller property, we suggest other games.

Having a Pictionary set in your Airbnb will ensure that your guests will have a fun time. This is an affordable, easily accessible game to have on hand at all times.

6. Frisbee: Best Physical Game

Easily buy a frisbee on Amazon (Source: Amazon)

Does your Airbnb have a lot of outdoor space, or is the property by a beach or a park? Keep a frisbee on hand for your guests. Frisbees are available everywhere: on Amazon, they can be had for $10 or less.

This classic outdoor game is a great option for those looking for a physical activity.

This is not a handicap-friendly game, and may not be accessible for some guests.

Frisbees are inexpensive and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s also a fun item to have for both humans and pets, especially if your property has the space.

Key Takeaway

There are many great games available for Airbnb and vacation rentals that can provide hours of entertainment and even enhance your guests’ vacation experience. To narrow down the best games for your property, choose ones that are suitable for your guest demographics, property size, and environment. These 6 options above are all top choices that your guests are sure to enjoy.

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