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Awning offers full-service vacation rental property management for busy vacation rental owners.

Experience in numbers

Rest well knowing your property is managed by an experienced team powered by world-class technology.

5 years

managing STRs

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Using tech, we automate many pieces of the process to deliver a better guest experience at a lower cost to you.

We automate many pieces of the process and create a better guest experience at a lower cost to you.

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Built with institutional technology

We use billions of data points to ensure the price we set, maximizes your monthly revenue — adjusting prices daily based on market conditions. Beyond pricing, data drives our operation — like our lightning fast 24/7 guest communication.

Why choose Awning

We have an experienced team dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Other property managers
Daily dynamic pricing
Guest communication response time
5-15 mins
1 hour+
Listing optimization
Dedicated SEO specialists
Average guest rating
Star rating
Star rating

Find your home everywhere guests are looking

We’ll sync and optimize your home for these vacation rental booking engines and more.

A truly full-service offering

We handle licensing, listing, pricing, communications, check-in, check-out, cleaning, laundry, restocking, and maintenance.

Property management services

Property management services

Awning charges an industry low 15% of monthly revenue to provide you with full service vacation rental property management.

Additionally, we remit payment for the following services without charging extra:

Cleaning & Laundry

Covered by the guest’s cleaning fee.

Pool, Lawn, & Hot Tub Maintenance

The actual cost of pool, lawn, or hot tub care — no extra charge. Homes with Hot Tubs and Pools typically earn 15%-20% more which more than covers care.


The actual cost of working with a local photographer
— no extra charge.

Restocking supplies

The cost of the supplies restocked — no extra charge.

Unlock your home’s potential

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Awning’s Short Term Rental Property Management Services


Who handles pricing the property?

We handle pricing the property, with daily optimizations. This means that every day an algorithm and an analyst checks your property to see if you can charge more or less to increase revenue and occupancy. In some cases, even a $5 price change can result in a substantial number of additional booked days.

Who handles listing the property?

Listing the property isn’t as simple as snapping a few photos with your phone and uploading them to the site. Besides optimizing the description, our team selects the best photos to feature first, which varies by property and sometimes even by season for a single property. This optimization process is key to making sure your property appears first and gets booked most frequently on any booking platform.

What areas does Awning property management cover?

Nationwide. Our coverage is not limited to any specific area or market.

How much is vacation rental property management with Awning?

Awning charges an industry low 15% for property management. By comparison most property managers in this space offering full-service management charge between 20% and 25%. Some limited property managers may charge slightly less, but those managers don’t cover things like repairs and responding to unexpected calls from guests 24 hours a day.

What exactly does Awning Short Term Rental Property Management cover?
  • 24/7 guest communication
  • Daily dynamic pricing
  • Check-in and check-out for guests
  • Calendar management and booking communication
  • Listing creation and optimization
  • Coordination of laundry and cleaning service
  • Restocking amenities
  • Pool, lawn and hot tub maintenance
  • Custom guide books / personal touch
  • Local staff in place
  • Guiding the owner through the local licensing process
What if I just manage the property myself?

It’s not a matter of possibility, it’s just good risk management to let professionals handle the management. As an owner, you don’t want to be on call for any little thing any time of the night. You want to avoid risking any bad ratings, which could tank your property and therefore your revenue. For the price of property management, the peace of mind is well worth it. 

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