Vacation Rental Management

Awning offers full-service vacation rental property management for busy vacation rental owners, nationwide.

Experience in numbers

Rest well knowing your property is managed by an experienced team powered by world-class technology.

5 years

managing STRs

10 years

of STR experience


in gross revenue


managed properties

Using tech, we automate many pieces of the process to deliver a better guest experience at a lower cost to you.

This gives us time to focus on your home and your guests.

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Built with institutional technology

We use billions of data points to ensure the price we set, maximizes your monthly revenue — adjusting prices daily based on market conditions. Beyond pricing, data drives our operation — like our lightning fast 24/7 guest communication.

Why choose Awning

We have an experienced team dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Other property managers
Starts at 15%
Daily dynamic pricing
Guest communication response time
5-15 mins
1 hour+
Listing optimization
Dedicated SEO specialists
Average guest rating
Star rating
Star rating

Find your home everywhere guests are looking

We’ll sync and optimize your home for these vacation rental booking engines and more.

A truly full-service offering

We handle licensing, listing, pricing, communications, check-in, check-out, cleaning, laundry, restocking, and maintenance.

vacation rental management

Property management services

Awning's costs start at an industry low 15% of monthly revenue to provide you with full service vacation rental property management.

Awning property management services include:

We remit payment for the following services without charging extra:

Cleaning & Laundry

Covered by the guest’s cleaning fee.

Pool, Lawn, & Hot Tub Maintenance

The actual cost of pool, lawn, or hot tub care — no extra charge. Homes with Hot Tubs and Pools typically earn 15%-20% more which more than covers care.


The actual cost of working with a local photographer
— no extra charge.

Restocking supplies

The cost of the supplies restocked — no extra charge.

Unlock your home’s potential

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Awning’s Short Term Rental Property Management Services

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How does Awning work?

Awning is a real estate brokerage, short-term rental property management company, and design and furnishing provider. In all things, the team at Awning puts the investor first to foster a long-term portfolio-wide relationship.

Why choose Awning?

It’s simple, at Awning we don’t compromise. That means our property management team is best in the industry and works hard to provide full-service property management, nationwide, at an industry leading low price.

Are there restrictions on how often I can use my home?

There are no restrictions on how often you can use your home. You can manage your calendar to block off days, weeks, months, or entire seasons for personal use at any time.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There is no required long-term contract and you can choose to work with Awning short-term rental property management on a month-to-month basis. We do offer a discount for investors that choose to sign a 1-year contract but there is no obligation and you can switch at any time.

How much are Awning property management fees?

Awning starts at 15% of revenue, based on your contract term and the annual revenue your property generates.

What is full-service vacation rental management?

Full-service vacation rental management covers everything that a host would do. The only exceptions are mortgage payments and tax payments that are not collected by Airbnb, those must still be handled by the host. 

Awning property management services includes:

  • Hot Tub Maintenance
  • Pool Maintenance Service
  • Cleaning Service
  • Lawn Maintenance Service
  • Check In/Out Management
  • Marketing
  • Supplies & Restocking
  • Licensing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Laundry Service
  • Home Automation
  • Messaging Service
  • Calendar Management
  • Linen Service
  • Guidebook
  • Listing Optimization

Additional services guests can purchase include:

  • Design, Furnishing, and Installation
  • Insurance

This is everything that a host needs to simply sit back and manage the finances of the investment and make critical decisions, everything else is handled for you by us.

Does Awning offer property management services near me?

Awning offers property management services nationwide in every market in the United States. Awning services remote areas of the country, difficult to reach retreats, condos, apartments, and units in all of the major cities.

What vacation rental management services does Awning offer?

Awning property management services includes:

  • Hot Tub Maintenance
  • Pool Maintenance Service
  • Cleaning Service
  • Lawn Maintenance Service
  • Check In/Out Management
  • Marketing
  • Supplies & Restocking
  • Licensing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Laundry Service
  • Home Automation
  • Messaging Service
  • Calendar Management
  • Linen Service
  • Guidebook
  • Listing Optimization

Additional services guests can purchase include:

  • Design, Furnishing, and Installation
  • Insurance

Does Awning manage Airbnbs?

Awning manages all short-term rentals and vacation rental properties including Airbnb’s. Awning also manages properties listed on VRBO and on other platforms as well as properties that are listed independently.

Does Awning provide condo property management services?

Awning manages condos, single-family rental properties, multi-family properties and a mix of other property types that are being used as short-term rentals. There are rare exceptions and the best way to find out is to connect with a property manager.

How does Awning advertise my home?

Awning optimizes your listing to help it rank on Airbnb and other platforms. This includes optimizing the listing, photography conversions, and of course adjustments to pricing to maximize revenue.

How does Awning compare to Vacasa or Evolve?

Awning takes the best of Vacasa and Evolve and combines it. Full-service property management (like Vacasa) and 15% of revenue (like Evolve).

Vacasa offers full-service property management like Awning, which covers everything. However, Vacasa has high fees and charges additional fees for specific services. So full-service, but high cost.

Evolve offers half-service property management, which takes out many of the essential services like cleaning and maintenance. For the reduced services Evolve charges 15% of revenue.

How are emergencies handled?

Awning has local teams that are available to handle any emergencies at the property. Furthermore, Awning property management provides 24/7 phone support to guests to ensure that they have the best possible experience.

How does Awning avoid bad reviews?

Awning avoids bad reviews by creating a great customer experience. This means: 

  • Ensuring that the property is ready for every guest with amenities, supplies, and cleaning. 
  • Answering phone calls or messages within minutes for all guests, 24 hours per day. 
  • Creating a guidebook to aid guests in local exploration.
  • Working to ensure that guests have a great experience at the property every time they book.
What insurance companies do we recommend?

Awning can connect hosts with multiple different insurance companies depending on the property, location, and other factors. In general, the Awning property management team can work with you to find the best insurance partner for you and your property and portfolio.

Can I use the property myself or for friends and family?

Absolutely! You are welcome to use the property whenever you like. Simply block off some time on the calendar so that guests won’t be able to book it. For more directions on how to use this feature speak directly to the Awning property management team.

How fast can Awning have a team in place?

Awning can have your property fully launched with a team in place in under 7 days.

Are there any hidden or additional fees outside of base management fees?

There are no hidden or additional fees besides the property management charge. Awning doesn’t charge extra for specific services like linens or cleaning and it doesn’t assess additional fees on owners.

Does Awning have a local Property Manager?

Absolutely! Awning works with local teams all over the country and lays the groundwork for new teams well ahead of needing them, so that your property always gets great and timely service.

How does Awning use technology to price my home?

Awning uses a combination of automated dynamic pricing with human review. Dynamic pricing helps us identify opportunities and human review allows us to assess the suggestions and refine it to maximize revenue.

What is the Awning pet policy?

Awning follows the pet policy of the owner. It’s up to you, the owner, to decide if pets will be allowed in the property.

Is Awning legitimate?

Awning is a legitimate national property manager for short-term rentals with 100’s of properties under management and an average rating of 4.9 stars from guests.

Airbnb Property Management by Awning

Airbnb Property Management by Awning

Let us take care of your Airbnb property. We'll handle everything for your guests, your property, and for you the host, including all those services other property managers charge extra for.

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