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Best Airbnb Bunk Beds

Key takeaways

Best Airbnb Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a practical and space-saving option for vacation properties, especially for tight Airbnbs or hosting multiple guests. It is important to choose a bunk bed that is comfortable, easy to assemble, and sturdy. In this article, we will review the 6 best bunk beds for vacation rentals.

The best Airbnb Bunk Beds include:

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How We Selected the Best Airbnb Bunk Beds

To ensure that you get the best bunk bed for your needs, we looked at recommendations and reviews to get an idea of which bunk beds have an excellent reputation. We also considered the design and size of the beds to find ones that will fit various Airbnbs. We considered durability, and chose bunk beds that will hold up well over time and won't pose a liability for you or your guests. Finally, we selected options for a variety of budgets.

We evaluated the best Airbnb bunk beds based on:

  • Host Recommendations: We asked verified Airbnb hosts for their suggestions and first-hand experiences with the products.
  • Online Reviews: We looked through reviews online to see which bunk beds have positive reviews.
  • Design: We considered the design of the bed, and rated sleek builds higher.
  • Size: We also considered the size of the bed, and if it could fit in tight spaces.
  • Durability: Build quality is arguably the most important criteria, and we ranked durable beds highly.
  • Price: We considered beds in different price points and chose ones that could fit in any budget.

According to our criteria the best bunk bed for Airbnb hosts is the Merax Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with its classic design and high weight capacity. We also love how its safety features are above par, considering its relatively low price point.

1. Merax Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed: Best Overall Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is classic, sturdy, and safe (Source: Amazon)

Our top pick is the Merax Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed, which features a twin mattress on the top bunk and a standard full size at the bottom. Get it starting at $375.99 on Amazon.

This bunk bed has a classic design and comes with a built-in ladder and safety rails for the top bunk. It’s not as stylish as some other options out there, but its classic build will fit a variety of Airbnbs.

They built this bed to last: it’s made of sturdy wood (yet is still easily assembled) and has a weight capacity of 175 lbs. for the top bunk, and 330 lbs. for the bottom bunk. Great for Airbnbs that see a lot of guests.

Some customers report product defects, like ill-fitting parts, lost bolts, and damaged products. Contact Merax for refunds or returns.

2. DHP Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed: Best Budget-Friendly Bunk Bed

For a bed that’s sure to fit your budget, try DHP (Source: Amazon)

For a more budget-friendly option, try the DHP Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed. This is available on Amazon starting at $226.72.

This secure bunk bed is completely made of metal for a sturdy, stable frame that can hold up to 200 lbs. up top and 450 lbs. at the bottom. Unfortunately, while its specifications are great, it falls short on the design aspect. This is the cheapest bunk bed on our list, and it looks the part.

Still, for Airbnb hosts on a budget, this is a reliable option that’s much more comfortable than it looks–your guests won’t have problems sleeping on either bunk.

Keep in mind the height of this frame: this bunk needs a minimum ceiling height of 7 ft., and the top bunk may be too high for little children to reach.

3. Walker Edison Furniture Company Twin-Over-Double Bunk Bed: Best Durable Bed

For durability, you can’t go wrong with this metal option (Source: Amazon)

Our pick for durability is the Walker Edison Furniture Company Twin-Over-Double Bunk Bed. At $460.38 on Amazon, this is far from the cheapest option on our list. 

Supporting up to 200 lbs. on the top bunk, and up to 450 lbs. on the double bed, this bunk is well built with a sturdy, pure metal frame.

Aside from its price, its design is a little bare-bones. If you want a stylish bunk for your vacation rental, then this may not be the right choice for you. However, this bunk is extremely durable and is perfect for the wear-and-tear of an Airbnb. Though it may be pricey, it will last.

While its frame is solid, you may see some scratches on the paint after a few months. Simply repaint the frame when necessary.

4. DHP Twin-Over-Futon Metal Bunk Bed: Best for Tight Spaces

Instead of two beds, turn the bottom of your bunk into a seating area (Source: Amazon)

For tight spaces, try the DHP Twin-Over-Futon Metal Bunk Bed. It’s available on Amazon starting at $272.

This can handle loads of up to 200 lbs. on the top bunk, and up to 600 lbs. at the bottom.

Like other metal bunk beds, it’s not the most stylish option. We suggest picking a wooden bunk bed for a sleeker look.

This is our top pick for space efficiency: the top bunk holds a twin, while the bottom can convert from a futon to a full-sized sleeper. However, the top bunk may not be suitable for very young children or individuals with mobility issues, as it may be difficult to access for some.

5. Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed: Best Luxe Bunk Bed

This bunk bed will look great in any Airbnb (Source: Amazon)

This aesthetic bed is the Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed. Options start at $329.99 on Amazon.

This bunk is made of solid hardwood, and looks great while still being extremely durable. Unfortunately, this can’t fit a double mattress. This may not be a great pick for a family room.

Aside from its design, we love how this can convert to two separate twin beds–extremely useful for hosts planning to expand their space later on.

The maximum weight of the top bunk is 225 lbs., while the maximum weight of the bottom bunk isn’t stated. This may not be suitable for Airbnbs with only adult guests.

6. Walker Edison Furniture Company Twin-Over-Workstation Bunk Bed: Best Unique Bunk

If your Airbnb doesn’t need more beds, try this frame (Source: Amazon)

For a vacation rental that needs more table space, try the Walker Edison Furniture Company Twin-Over-Workstation Bunk Bed. This is available starting at $349 on Amazon.

Unlike a typical bunk bed, this one has a workstation underneath. It has two fixed shelves for extra storage (each shelf can handle up to 25 lbs.) It can handle only up to 200 lbs. on the top bunk, and it may be a bit too lightweight for some guests.

This won’t add any more sleeping areas to your rental, but it’s the perfect solution if your tight Airbnb needs more workspaces.

To climb into the bunk, your guests will need to swing their legs over the railing. This may pose a problem, depending on the height of your ceilings.

Key Takeaway

Bunk beds are a great addition to any Airbnb, as they allow you to accommodate more guests in a small space while saving on floor area. From classic metal bunk beds to modern wood bunk beds with built-in desks and shelves, there's something for every budget and style preference. With the right bunk bed, you can provide your Airbnb guests with a comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangement that will help make their stay more enjoyable.

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