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Dias Gotama is a first-time investor that worked with to start his portfolio.

Dias started investing in real estate in September 2021 and currently works as a Product Manager for Microsoft. He got interested in the Awning platform because it offered both great data about properties and the expertise of experienced agents that only focus on investors.

“Easy to use, looks good on mobile, and Awning keeps evolving and getting better.”

Dias purchased a property with Awning in Orlando and is making offers at the time of this testimonial on other investment properties in Texas. The numbers used by Awning for projections are very accurate and, as Dias correctly guessed, powered by human review and underwriting. 

“The agents are really great to work with. It’s a great product and I hope more people get into real estate investing through Awning.”

He believes investors should use Awning to find investment properties by leveraging the power of search and filtering. Investors should also rely on the advisors to help coordinate offer documents, inspections, and other logistics surrounding the purchase.

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