Review for Experienced Investors

Terry describes his experience with purchasing multiple investment properties through Terry is an experienced investor that already had a small portfolio when he joined Awning.

Terry is an Electrical Engineer that runs a company doing environmental testing in the Silicon Valley area. He was first introduced to real estate investing by a family member and tried to purchase a turnkey property. He found that every time this investment needed repairs, the turnkey company would take all of his profits. For a time, he decided not to invest because it seemed like more of a headache.

"When I found out about Awning, I purchased three more properties through them."

Awning made it simpler for Terry to figure out what to buy quickly. This meant that if the rent and the expenses were predictable and the investment was going to make money, it made sense to buy. Before Awning, Terry couldn’t be confident with the numbers. While he was doing his own research, he kept feeling like he was missing something. 

"I would validate the numbers and after a few months of proven accuracy, I trusted the results that Awning was sending me and just invested." 

Now Terry is less concerned with maximizing every investment. Instead, he’s interested in getting involved in more properties, growing his portfolio, and getting high-quality properties.

"Awning also provides economies of scale with property management. Property managers treat my property well because they don’t want to lose Awning as a partner."

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