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Top 6 Beach Towels for Airbnb and Vacation Rental Properties

Key takeaways

Top 6 Beach Towels for Airbnb and Vacation Rental Properties

Providing a large, cozy towel that is specifically designed for use during water activities can be a major convenience for your guests. Absorbent and quick-drying beach towels are the perfect choice for guests who are looking to enjoy a day in the sun. However, it’s important to invest in the right one as a bad beach towel may be thin, slow to dry, or not very absorbent, which can lead to a frustrating experience and overall negative vacation.

The best Airbnb beach towels include:

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How We Selected the Best Airbnb Beach Towels

When evaluating the best beach towels for Airbnb and vacation rentals, we took a comprehensive approach that considered various factors. Our evaluation process included: host recommendations, online reviews, price, material, durability, and design.

Here’s how we evaluated the best Airbnb beach towels:

  • Host Recommendations: Host recommendations were a key factor in our evaluation process, and we interviewed vetted Airbnb hosts for their beach towel recommendations.
  • Online Reviews: We also looked at online reviews to see what Airbnb guests and other customers had to say about the towels.
  • Price: We wanted to make sure that we were recommending towels that offered good value for money.
  • Material: We also looked at the materials used to make the towels, with an emphasis on absorbency and quick-drying capabilities.
  • Durability: We recommended towels that would last for multiple uses and would not easily wear out or fall apart after a few washes.
  • Design: Finally, we considered the design of the towels, and picked those that were visually appealing and would fit well with various vacation rental properties.

According to our criteria the best beach towels for Airbnb hosts are the Beachcrest Home Delmer Beach Towels. These affordable towels come in 10 different colors and have received high ratings from customers on Wayfair, with many praising their absorbency, softness, and quick-drying capabilities.

The best Airbnb beach towels are:

1. Beachcrest Home Delmer Beach Towels: Best Overall Beach Towels

These towels are extremely highly rated on Wayfair (Source: Wayfair)

The Beachcrest Home Delmer Beach Towels are our top overall pick for beach towels in Airbnb and vacation rentals. Both hosts and guests highly rated these towels, making them an excellent choice for any property. Get them now starting at $15.99 on Wayfair.

What makes these towels good is their combination of absorbency, quick-drying capabilities, and durability. The towels are made from a soft, 100% cotton material with two sides of soft velour and a terry loop–both are absorbent and quick-drying, making them ideal for use at the beach or pool. The towels are also designed to last, with a tight weave and reinforced flatweave edges that help prevent fraying and tearing.

The towels are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried, making them a convenient choice for hosts who need to keep their towels looking clean and fresh for guests. The towels come in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing hosts to choose the perfect towels to match the style and decor of their rental property.

However, one potential drawback to consider is that the towels pill after the first wash. Still, this is a minor drawback which does not significantly affect the overall quality and performance of these beach towels.

2. AmazonBasics Beach Towel: Best Budget Beach Towel

Hosts on a budget will love this wallet-friendly option (Source: Amazon)

For a budget-friendly option for your vacation rental, try the AmazonBasics Beach Towel. These towels come in a two- or four-pack, and are made from 100% cotton, making them absorbent and quick-drying. There are ten different colors to choose from to match any decor. A pack of two starts at $29.54 on Amazon.

These towels are large, fluffy, and absorbent–everything you need in a beach towel. But the main reason we love the AmazonBasics Beach Towel is its affordability. The towels are priced significantly lower than many other beach towels on the market, making them an excellent choice for hosts who are looking to save money while still providing high-quality towels for their guests.

Keep in mind that the towels may not be as durable as other beach towels on the market, and some customers report shrinkage after washing. It's important to keep these in mind when considering these towels for your vacation rental property.

3. Terry Town Velour Oversize 100% Cotton Beach Towel: Best Large Towel

These towels are ultra-large and cozy (Source: Wayfair)

The Terry Town Velour Oversize 100% Cotton Beach Towel is an extra-large, extra-luxe option for Airbnb hosts. These towels are made from soft, 100% cotton velour material and come in a range of colors to suit any property. Get them starting from $25.99 on Wayfair or check the Terry Town website.

Measuring 60'' x 35'', this beach towel is an oversized pick that your guests will love to wrap themselves in. One of the key advantages of the Terry Town Velour Oversize Beach Towel is its luxurious feel. The towels are made from velour, which is soft and comfortable against the skin, making them ideal for lounging by the beach or pool.

However, what we dislike about this towel is its price. The towels are priced significantly higher than many other beach towels on the market, making them an expensive option for Airbnb hosts. Still, the towels are soft, durable, and come in a range of colors to match any decor, and if you have the budget for them, they’re sure to make your guests’ stay more comfortable.

4. Highland Dunes Hayner Turkish Cotton Beach Towel Set: Best Luxury Towels

These towels look, and feel, luxurious (Source: Wayfair)

Our top luxe option is the Highland Dunes Hayner Turkish Cotton Beach Towel set. A set of two will set you back at least $33.99 on Wayfair. Made from high-quality, 100% Turkish cotton, these towels come in eleven different colors that would look fantastic in any Airbnb.

These towels are very luxurious, and they’re extremely soft and absorbent; measuring 72” x 40”, your guests will love wrapping themselves up in this towel while laying next to the beach or the pool.

The major drawback of these towels is their care. The manufacturer recommends washing on cold to extend the lifespan of the towels. These may not be a good option for hosts that prioritize deep cleaning their properties between guest stays.

5. Your Choice Microfiber Beach Towel: Best Durable Beach Towel

These microfiber beach towels will last for a lifetime (Source: Amazon)

Airbnb hosts are always on the search for long-lasting towels. We’ve finally found the perfect one: the Your Choice Microfiber Beach Towel is the most durable pick for Airbnb hosts, and is made from a microfiber material that is lightweight, quick-drying, and highly absorbent. One piece starts at $11.99 on Amazon.

We love that this towel comes in different styles and sizes (the smallest you can get measures 60” x 30”). You can also buy them alone, in pairs, as a four-piece, or as a set of nine. However, its best feature is the microfiber material that is designed to withstand frequent use and washing, making it ideal for Airbnb properties.

The main drawback of the Your Choice Microfiber Beach Towel is its texture. The towels are made from a microfiber material that may not be as soft as other beach towels made from cotton or velour. Some people may prefer the feel of a traditional beach towel made from cotton or velour.

6. Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel: Best Bulk Beach Towels

Buying in bulk can save you a ton of money (Source: Amazon)

Many hosts prefer buying in bulk: not only does it save you money in the long run, but it also ensures you backups in case of any losses or accidents. If you’re the type of host to buy multiples of a certain item (or if you’re just stocking many properties), then try the Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel which is available on Amazon or on their site starting at $34.99.

The towels are available in a range of colors, making it easy to match them to any decor. Additionally, these are made from 100% ring-spun cotton, which is known for its absorbency, softness, and durability.

These towels are available as a set of four or twenty-four, with the latter coming out as cheaper per piece. With the towels included in the set, Airbnb hosts and vacation rental properties can stock up on beach towels at a heavily discounted price.

Note that these aren’t luxurious towels, and are actually quite small (measuring 60” x 30” each). The towels are not as generously sized as some other beach towels on the market, and this may be an issue for guests who prefer a larger towel.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to choosing the best beach towels for Airbnb and vacation rentals, the Beachcrest Home Delmer Beach Towels stand out as the top overall pick. With their soft and absorbent material, reinforced flatweave edges, and stylish design, these towels offer a balance of comfort and durability that guests and hosts alike are sure to appreciate.

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