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Key takeaways Review Busy Investors

Jen and her husband connected with Awning to purchase investment properties. While they were interested in real estate investing in the past, their busy schedules prevented them from taking a deep dive.

“Awning gave us the confidence to move forward with investing by connecting us to trusted lenders, inspectors, and property managers.”

Over the course of a few months, Jen and Kramer received an education in real estate investing from an Awning agent and started putting in offers. They focused on purchasing in Texas and purchased four properties in quick succession. All of the homes were then transferred to property managers to be prepared, leased and managed. 

“Purchasing an investment property remotely wasn’t a challenge either. In fact, it allowed us to enter a competitive market and get a much better return on our investment than local properties.”

Jen and her husband plan to use Awning for future investments and praised the team for their knowledge and work ethic. They continue to regularly review properties and leverage agents for any questions about existing purchases.

“Spending hours looking for a suitable investment property makes real estate investing a burden for many. I’m so happy I found Awning to do the work for me.”

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Airbnb Property Management by Awning

Airbnb Property Management by Awning

Let us take care of your Airbnb property. We'll handle everything for your guests, your property, and for you the host, including all those services other property managers charge extra for.