Review - Transitioning From Traditional Agents

Juan details how he transitioned from a traditional agency to Awning and started purchasing investment properties.

Juan worked with traditional real estate agents for an investment property, but found the process to be slow and uninformative. Traditional agents don’t have the experience of handling investors, especially investors like Juan, that want a thorough analysis of the variables surrounding a property like schools, neighborhoods, taxes and more.

A property manager recommended Awning to Juan, and he checked it out.

“Before Awning, I’d have to pull all the data myself to analyze a deal. Now I was getting these different data sources aggregated and in one place. It was what I was looking for and saved me hours!”

At first, Juan stuck to his process of plugging various data into his spreadsheet and identifying properties in the Sacramento area. He noticed that every time he found a suitable investment; Awning already selected and surfaced the property. After a few more rounds, Juan trusted the numbers and selection method Awning employed. 

Working with Sean, his client advisor, Juan appreciated the thorough analysis for each property, the neighborhood expertise that Sean had, and the speed with which Sean could write offers. 

“Once we started finding properties, we got to where we could get offers out in minutes! Quick offers made an enormous difference and helped us secure a property in a competitive market.”

After a few offers, Juan and Sean secured a property that fit Juan’s investment criteria. 

The resulting deal matched the projections on the Awning platform. Juan was able to get more rent for the property than expected, the only major difference in the projections Awning made. A pleasant surprise. 

“After closing my first investment, I recommended Awning to my friend. She is a seasoned real estate investor that recommended rental properties to me and taught me how to analyze deals. Since then she uses Awning and has even purchased an investment property in Texas!”

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