How Awning Works

Awning provides a simple and elegant user experience powered by technology and augmented by your Awning Advisor, an investor specialized real estate agent.

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    Meet Your Advisor

    Your Awning advisor is a licensed real estate agent who will learn more about your needs and financial goals and craft an investment plan with you.

    Advisor Chat Screen
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    Review Matched Properties

    We use artificial intelligence married with a team of in-house real estate experts to identify the best properties on the market. Your advisor will send you those that best match your needs.

    Matched Properties
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    Qualify For Financing

    When the time is right, Awning can help you get prequalified for financing. We have access to the best rates on mortgages.

    Finance Screen
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    Tour Your Favorites

    When you like a property we send you, we'll help you tour it, in-person or virtually, and review any additional information the listing agent sends us.

    Property Touring Calendar
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    Negotiate and Close

    Your advisor will help you get the best price on your investment property. We'll help you negotiate and make the closing process smooth.

    Negotiation Screen

Our Data-Driven Advantage

Utilizing hundreds of traditional and non-traditional data sources, Awning uses artificial intelligence to find the best properties in the best locations across the country for you.

Ai driven property search (1)

Ready to buy an investment property?

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