Investment Strategies

Austin Real Estate Market Analysis [December 2021]

The Austin real estate market is heating up with rising rents, growing home prices, and plenty of investor attention. See the data and analysis for yourself.

No Vacancy - Q4 2021 California, Florida, And Texas Vacancy Analysis

The rental market is continuing to show its strength with vacancy numbers remaining at consistent lows across California, Texas, and Florida.

Top 5 Houston Rental Property Investments by Zip Code

Spring, Pasadena, and Friendswood are some of the top areas for single family property investors to find the highest-yielding real estate investment properties.

Houston Real Estate Market Analysis [December 2021]

2021 Houston rental and sale property statistics. Report evaluating the best zip codes and neighborhoods in Houston for buyers, sellers, and investors.

Buying an Investment Property through Awning

The first question we always get is, how does Awning make money? The answer is simple — we represent you, the buyer, in the real estate transaction and therefore earn the buy-side commission paid by the seller. This means that as the buyer, you will not pay additional fees by working with us over a traditional real estate agent.

Group Investing — How to Purchase a Home with Friends or Family

Investing with friends and family makes sense for several reasons. For some individuals, the idea of putting a hefty amount of their net worth into a single investment seems risky, daunting or even impossible. For others, it simply offers a way to diversify their portfolios across more asset classes than if they were investing alone.